From identifying targets to final acquisition, Advise Tourisme is able to assist
with each stage of the process or manage it all on your behalf.
Identification and valuation of targets:
Target search grid according to predefined criteria
Contacting potential players and sellers
Valuation of the company using financial ratios
Financial audit
Integration of market coefficients
Evaluation of the localisation
Possible repositioning
Improvement program:
Redefinition of the establishment and objective
Contribution of RevPar (Room Revenue per Available Room) work and analysis
of the yield on investments
Feasibility study
Optimisation of profitability of the surface area used
Compliance with safety standards
Search for service providers
Financing plan:
Integration of the improvements decided upon
Integration of repositioning (occupancy, prices, seasonality, clientele...)
Drawing up a provisional income statement
Analysis of previous income statements and adjustments
Definition of proposal price
Financing plan
Bank accommodation
Legal arrangements
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