Over five billion pages are referenced on the search engines, your website
must follow Internet spelling in order to be visited.
Choice and registration of the domain name, in compliance with the company’s inherent constraints and the Internet’s criteria as regards exposure
Strategy and objectives: integration of the media into the company’s overall strategy, setting targets for traffic and Turnover
Definition of the tree structure and browsing features: facilitating the directing of Internet users and allowing for ease-of-purchasing
Positioning and keywords: monitoring the competition and enhancing differentiating strengths, awareness of keywords so as to further increase the visibility of the search engines
Hosting and launch: choice of service provider, transition, control of propagation lead times
Audit of the existing position: concerning the tree structure, the relevance of the pages, the presence of keywords, the location of content and its characteristics
Validation of browsing features: intuitiveness as a major parameter in order to reinforce customer loyalty
Keyword anchoring so as to optimise referencing
Required functionalities: benchmarking the functionalities to be offered
Additional pages: advice on additional content
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